Following requests from members; on the fourth Wednesday’s meetings, from now on we will open the Guides' Hut earlier, at 19.30 (7.30 p.m.) to allow members to meet and chat. We will also stay open a little longer after the talk has concluded, again to allow members to exchange information.

FREE ENTRY  for MEMBERS,  Visitors are requested to make £1.00 donation.


Please note: there is a map showing the location of the Guides' Hut on the "Library" page.

                  Mr Bryan Pready did speak about the website     


JULY 26TH    Was our Outside Visit & 29 people enjoyed a wonderful Tour.

 AUGUST 23RD  We are back at the Guide Hut for a talk by Mrs Jean Gidman, entitled                                  "WOMEN'S STATUS THROUGH HISTORY"