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Wednesday 24th July 2024

Inns and Beerhouses of Ormskirk

Dot Broady-Hawkes

Guide Hut, Moorgate, Ormskirk (Opposite Hesford's) L39 4RU

Doors open 7pm, AGM starts 7.30pm

Refreshments available, all welcome

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Monday 5th Agust 2024

10.30 a.m.- 11.30 a.m.

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Nurses of Ormskirk Hospital - 1940s and 50s


Betty Underwood Ormskirk



The photographs in this section form part of a collection donated to the ODFHS Library by  Betty Underwood.  In 2007 Betty published a book called "Ormskirk Workhouse Two World Wars N.H.S. Hospital" published by the Raven Entomological and Natural History Society.  The book is based on stories told by nurses who worked at Ormskirk Hospital, which together with Betty's extensive research, brings the history of the workhouse and hospital to life.  Amongst the acknowledgements for help given with her book, Betty has written "My thanks are extended to... The people of Ormskirk who gave me their photographs and lastly the nurses of Ormskirk Hospital without whom this story would never have been written at all, and have waited so patiently for me to finish."  Although many of the photographs collected were reproduced in the book, there are some which were not and these can be seen below.

There is a copy of "Ormskirk Workhouse Two World Wars N.H.S. Hospital" available for members to consult in the ODFHS Library.
Ormskirk nurses 1
#1 This photograph has the following names written on the reverse, although it is not clear which nurse is being referred to and not all are named:
1. Critchley
2. Armstrong
5. Sister Shacklady
6. Blindell
Ormskirk nurses 2
#2 Left to right: Nurse Howard, Dr. Morrissey, Sister McCormack, Nurse Charles, Sister Draper, Nurse Critchley, ?
Ormskirk nurses 3
#3 Nurses Home, Ormskirk, May 1941
Left to right: Nurse Crane, _ , Sister Sanderson
"Uniform navy with red piping on collar and hat"
Ormskirk nurses 4
#4 1950 - showing the female house. The nurse is not named.
Ormskirk nurses 5
#5 1950s - outside W.D.s 5 and 6. Nurses are not named.
Ormskirk nurses 6
#6 Left to right: Sister Fagan, Dr. Ansell, Nurse Critchley, Nurse Forshaw, Nurse Briscoe, Nurse Foden, patient in bed - Lavery, seated Sgt. Fulford.
OH nurses 1 7
#7: 1952
OH nurses 2 8
#8: 1940s - Old maternity steps in the background. Nurses are not named
OH nurses 3 9
#9: 1950s - Now OPD. Ward 9 behind
Patients were taken outside on the lawn on good days
Chapman, Leadbetter, Miss Birchill
OH nurses 4 10
#10: 1947 - Nurses Taylor and Cropper
OH nurses 5 11
#11: 1950s
Far right - Leadbetter, second from right - Redmond
OH nurses 6 12
#12: 1940s - Shows pathway to maternity
Ida Lowe
Ormskirk nurses 1 1952
#13: 1952
Ormskirk nurses 2 1950 female house
#14: 1950 - Female house.  Nurse is not named.
Ormskirk nurses 3 1940s Blundell
#15: 1940s Outside Blundell House. Sister German (left) House doctor - no name given (right)
Ormskirk nurses 4 Laverie et al
#16: Back row left ro right; Cpl. Laverie, _, Nurse Briscoe, _, Sister Fagan, Sgt. McKenna.
Front row left to right; Nurse Critchley, Sgt. Fulford, Nurse Forshaw
Ormskirk nurses 5 outside maternity
#17: Outside Maternity
Nurse Culshaw (Mercer) left
Bessie Johnson (teacher, then became a nurse) right
Patient at the back - Mr. Rowland.  Front not known.
Ormskirk nurses 6 outside W4
#18: Outside W.4.
Back row; Nurse Critchley,_, _, Nurse Leadbetter, Nurse Farrington
Seated; _, Sister Boardman
Ormskirk nurses 1 next
#19: 1940
Blackburn, Skelmersdale
Sheila Gashil, Ormskirk
Mary Mansfield, Ormskirk
Mrs. Findlay, Ormskirk
Newbold, Manchester
Bartholomew,  Liverpool
Arnot, Ormskirk
Crane?, Bootle
Houghton, Skelmersdale
Cameron, Scotland
Me (Farrington)
Anderton, Wigan Road, ormskirk
Connie Warlow, Aughton
Ormskirk nurses 2 next
#20: Old Chapel c.1949
Left to right.
Front row: Dr. Bullough, Anaesthetist
Mr. W.R. Hunter, Surgeon
Mrs. Henderson
Miss. Boyle, Matron
Dr. Henderson
Miss Morris, Deputy Matron
Dr. Haslam Fox
Mr. H.E. Beck, Hospital Secretary
(from Hazel Snape)
Ormskirk nurses 3 next
#21: Left to Right; Nurse Green, ?
Ormskirk Hospital 4 next
#22: 1940s - after the war
Left to Right; Abe Ansell, John Pugh, Bill Slytes (?)
Ormskirk Hospital 5 next
#23: 1941  Bradford, Dutton, Bruno Paccard
Ormskirk Hospital 6 next
#24: March 1941 Barker
Ormskirk nurses 7 next
#25: 1957
Left to Right (standing); Green, Mansfield, Yarwood, Gibson, Critchley, Frampton
Ormskirk Hospital 8 next
#26: Old theatre of 1940s
Ormskirk nurses 9 next
#27: Agnes Hardman S.E.N., R.H.N. at Ormskirk 1939-48.  Later Sister at Green Lane.  Died 1975.

Ormskirk Church
Ormskirk Parish

Ormskirk railwaymen 1908
Ormskirk Station

Scarisbrick Hall 1815
Scarisbrick Hall

Skelmersdale Station

Moor Street market
Moor Street