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Wednesday 24th July 2024

Inns and Beerhouses of Ormskirk

Dot Broady-Hawkes

Guide Hut, Moorgate, Ormskirk (Opposite Hesford's) L39 4RU

Doors open 7pm, AGM starts 7.30pm

Refreshments available, all welcome

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Monday 5th Agust 2024

10.30 a.m.- 11.30 a.m.

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Sunday School Anniversary Walks, St. George's Day and other Ormskirk parades - a miscellaneous collection

The Sunday School Anniversary Walks are something of an Ormskirk tradition* - see here for an Ormskirk Bygone Times article. (* Though reminiscent of the similar Manchester Whit Week Walks.)

Many of these have been recorded on the Images of Burscough website.

The following shows a lovely set of snaps from the Rigby collection showing what is probably one of the June Sunday School Anniversary Walks, ca. 1920s based on the older girls and ladies' clothing. There are three little girls (unnamed) who feature quite prominently, they may have a Rigby connection.

June Bibby thinks these were probably from Skelmersdale. The banner, does indeed say "Skelmersdale Mission Church Sunday School.  Search the Scriptures"

Sunday School Walks 1920s 1

Sunday School Walks, 1920s: 1


Sunday School Walks 1920s 2

Sunday School Walks, 1920s: 2


Sunday School Walks 1920s 3

Sunday School Walks, 1920s: 3


Sunday School Walks 1920s 4

Sunday School Walks, 1920s: 4


Sunday School Walks 1920s 5

Sunday School Walks, 1920s: 5


Sunday School Walks 1920s 6

Sunday School Walks, 1920s: 6


Sunday School Walks 1920s 7

Sunday School Walks, 1920s: 7


Sunday School Walks 1920s 8

Sunday School Walks, 1920s: 8  - "Skelmersdale Mission Church Sunday School. Search the Scriptures"


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From: Ormskirk Advertiser 20th June 1940
The Sunday School anniversary services were held at the Ormskirk Parish Church on Sunday last, when the children from the Parish Church Sunday Schools attended church, and a girls' choir from the schools took part in the services.
The Sunday School and Bible classes attended the special children's service in the afternoon conducted by the vicar, the Rev. F.A. Redwood.
It is the usual custom for the children to go to church in procession headed by the Ormskirk Old Prize Band, but that was dispensed with this year.  Children assembled at their own schools and walked to the church with their teachers.  Instead of taking their usual gifts of flowers and fruit the children had been given special envelopes for donations to the British Red Cross Society.
1950s - Church Street, Ormskirk

Sunday School Anniversary Walk 1950s 1

Sunday School Anniversary Walks 1950s: 1


Sunday School Anniversary Walk 1950s 2

Sunday School Anniversary Walks 1950s: 2



These photos were taken during Councillor William Rigby's term of office as Chairman of Ormskirk Council in 1968-1969.  He is on the platform wearing his chain of office.  Mrs. Ruby Rigby and Enid Rigby are on the pavement to the left of the platform.

St. Georges Day parade 1968 1

St. George's Day Parade 1968: 1


St. Georges Day Parade 1968 2

St. George's Day Parade 1968: 2


Another parade during Councillor Rigby's year in office 1968-9:

1968 9 parade 1

1968-9 parade: 1

1968 9 parade 2

1968-9 parade: 2

1968 9 parade 3

1968-9 parade: 3

1968 9 parade 4

1968-9 parade: 4


700th Anniversary of Ormskirk Market 

A celebration, 27th September 1986










With thanks to Colin and Barbara Redwood for sharing these photographs with us.



 Ormskirk and District Scouts St. George's Day Parade 2023











Ormskirk and District Scouts St. George's Day Parade 2024


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