Ormskirk Market Day


Contributed by Kate Hurst, July 2019: Passed on to me after my gran Ada Hurst (nee Rothwell) died in 2000, but some of her collection actually dated back to the 1920s/1930s (and one or two pre-dated the rest).



Ann Halsall was my great-great grandmother. Born in Aughton in 1859 to James Halsall and Hannah (nee Holcroft). She married James Rothwell on 7 Jan 1879 at St. Nicholas, Liverpool and they lived at Gaw Hill Farm, Aughton. They had 9 children - Margaret, William, another William, James (Jim), Henrietta, Hannah, Fred, and twins Dorothy and Benjamin - of which 4 died in childhood. Ann died on 16 October 1919.










JamesRothwell was Ann Halsall's husband. Born in Aughton in 1856 to William "Brogie" Rothwell and Margaret Hodge. Lived at Gaw Hill Farm, Aughton, was always described as a farmer on the census after his marriage, and died on 30 November 1930 at The Nest, Gaw Hill Lane, Aughton. 







WilliamRothwell is James' father. Known as "Brogie". Born in Aughton in 1828; eldest child of John Rothwell and Margaret Howard.  Married Margaret Hodge on 24 December 1850 at St. Peter's, Liverpool. He was a farmer, and lived at Smithy Lane, Gaw Hill Lane and Turnpike Road, Aughton. I am told that this picture of him in front of the house was taken near the weighbridge at Aughton.He died on 11 February 1902 at Mill Farm, Holborn Hill, Aughton. (The other notable thing about this photo is that it was signed "John H. Smith" on the back, and dated 21 January 1890.)






May Queen Group (1929) shows my gran Ada May Rothwell (later Hurst, born 1915 in Aughton) with her mum Alice Ada May Rothwell (nee Worsley, born 1893 in Bootle), when Gran was May Queen in 1929. Alice died just over 2 years later, in June 1931.

Ormskirk Church
Ormskirk Parish

Ormskirk railwaymen 1908
Ormskirk Station

Scarisbrick Hall 1815
Scarisbrick Hall

Skelmersdale Station

Moor Street market
Moor Street