Ormskirk Market Day

Some famous (infamous?) persons with Ormskirk connections: occasional submissions from members...

Here's some hints: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:People_from_Ormskirk


Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull

From Pam Richardson: "I think the photo was taken in Thompson Avenue, Ormskirk in the very early 1950’s when Marianne Faithfull lived in Greetby Hill, Ormskirk for a short period.  Marianne is the little girl with the ribbon in her hair, right hand side of middle row.  On the left of her is Jean Haikalis, nee Robinson (deceased).  Don’t know who the other children in the picture are, but someone may recognise themselves."


King George V & Queen Mary

king and queen ormskirk

From Dot Hawkes: King & Queen drive through Ormskirk in 1913, the morning after the Suffragettes set fire to Lord Leverhulmes bungalow at Rivington.


Harold Wilson - MP for Ormskirk (1945-1950)

Harold Wilson
The gentleman sitting to the far left, nearest the camera is Councillor William Rigby. The photograph is from a collection belonging to the late William Rigby which has been donated to the ODFHS Library.
Dot Hawkes wrote about Harold Wilson's time as MP for Ormskirk in her Nostalgia column for The Ormskirk Advertiser - https://www.inyourarea.co.uk/news/nostalgia-column-a-look-back-at-some-of-the-mps-to-have-served-ormskirk/



 James Ikin Nunnerley



 J.I. Nunnerley was a local hero and celebrity, he was recognised and honoured on the memorial in Victoria Park, Ormskirk.

He died in November 1905 and is buried in Ormskirk Parish Church graveyard.



King George V and Lady Maude Wilbraham


From The Tatler, Sporting and Country House Supplement (No. 575) July 3, 1912


Ormskirk Church
Ormskirk Parish

Ormskirk railwaymen 1908
Ormskirk Station

Scarisbrick Hall 1815
Scarisbrick Hall

Skelmersdale Station

Moor Street market
Moor Street