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2020/21 membership renewal now due...

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If you would like to join the Society from overseas, please contact the Secretary (see Contact list).

Please remember to submit your "interests" by using the members' interests form.

 The Society maintains a database of members details, both on computer and the original forms you send us.  Officers of the Society, principally the membership secretary, use this to contact members concerning their membership and to ensure that information relating to the ODFHS is circulated to members.  The Society membership system cannot function if members do not allow us to retain their information.  We do not pass any information to any third parties.  Surname interests will only be published if we obtain permission and only linked to a code.  No personal details will be published.  When a membership in not renewed the Society will send a reminder.  If no response is received within a reasonable time then all records for that former member will be destroyed.

If you prefer to join or renew by post, then please download an Application Form (click here), fill in your details and return it to the ODFHS postal address with your payment (see lower down the page for payment details).

SUBSCRIPTION RATES (Spring 2014, until further notice)


UK membership rates
Note, if you choose to view the magazines only on our site, reduce fees by £1.00
On first joining (or renewing): 1 April -
31 March
Residing at the same address
Family History, Genealogical Societies, Family History or Genealogical branches of Historical Societies and Record Offices, Libraries (Public, Private, University, College, School or Research) and other organisations in the U.K.
On joining after 1 Jan in any year, membership runs for 15 months -
includes 1 April - 31 March following


Overseas membership rates
On first joining (or renewing) and choosing to receive a magazine posted: On joining after 1 Jan in any year, membership runs for 15 months 1 April -
31 March
On first joining (or renewing) and choosing to view the magazine only on our web site:
On joining after 1 Jan in any year, membership runs for 15 months 1 April - 31 March following
who choose to view their magazine only online


All cheques and Postal Orders should be made payable to the: Ormskirk and District F.H.S. and crossed. It is regretted that the Society cannot accept payments in currencies other than £ Sterling. Overseas remittances should be in £ Sterling by cheque or draft drawn on a U.K. bank.


ODFHS Gift Aid

As a registered charity, the Ormskirk & District Family History Society has the option to be able to claim Gift Aid from all monies paid to the society by you, the membership.

This would, obviously, be of a considerable financial benefit to the society without costing eligible members anything extra at all

Any society member who is a current UK Tax Payer is in a position to sign up for Gift Aid, enabling the ODFHS to claim back 25p in every pound that is paid to the society by that member.

As part of this year's Subscription Renewal Form, you will notice a section relating to Gift Aid, which is asking you, as a Member, to sign up so that the Society can make a claim to the Inland Revenue on your behalf. All monies claimed back as Gift Aid will go into Society Funds to be used for the benefit of the membership as a whole. Therefore, I am asking as many of you who are eligible, to sign the Declaration on the Renewal Form. You will be informed at the 2015 AGM as to how much the Society has been able to claim back during our financial year 1st April 2014 to 31st March 2015.

With many thanks, Sally Dean (Treasurer & Membership Secretary)


ODFHS Membership Rates

After it becoming apparent that all our classes and levels of membership were rather complex, we have been looking at rationalising them. As such, we have reduced them to the following:

All UK memberships, receiving a printed magazine, is £11. (This includes family membership in a single house).

All Overseas members, receiving a printed magazine, is £16.

All members receiving an online magazine is £10, UK and Overseas.

The Half-Year membership is abolished. Anyone joining the Society after the 1st January will have their membership classed for the following membership year (1st April to 31st March) so will essentially receive 3 months free.

We hope this makes it easier to understand.

Sally Dean (Treasurer & Membership Secretary)


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